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Sunday, 26 July 2015

No Progress in Creativity Means No Progress in Academics

This happened six months ago....
I was approached by a fellow Buddhist to teach her 8 year-old daughter. The subject to be taught was pretty unconventional though......

My going-to-be student had a set of curious problems. According to her mother, she was moody and non-negotiable. She also did not like to be left alone at her tutor’s home and this led to further problems. No tutor in my locality would entertain a moping parent in the same room where he/she is teaching the student. To top it all, I was also informed that she has been recently diagnosed with ADHD.

For the first few classes, I agreed to be lenient and go to her house.  On my first visit, she came to me with a big pebble, asking me for ideas as to what she can make out of it. It was a school project that she had to complete.

Inspire Provoke Engage
Creativity is a natural talent that every child posseses.

Children Are Naturally Creative
I have noticed that most little girls have a fascination in common –the love for creating. The accomplishment of having created something gives them a high that nothing else does at their age. And this applies to all kinds – the solitary ones, the restless and fidgety ones and the passive and lazy ones.

Crafting being one of my stronger suites, I decided to use that to press a few buttons, as I surmised that a conventional approach is not going to work with her.  

My Lesson Module for my Student

I planned a small module for her which comprised an hour of crafting and about 15 minutes of practicing handwriting. As I helped her put together little bits and pieces of all things crafty, I started to engage her in little conversations too. The first class had to be a bit of an effort to elicit responses; but from the third session or so, we were flying. She came in with her inputs which I greatly revered and as regards Handwriting , we did that as little as possible.
My module also consisted of observation of the child’s specific behavioural traits and engaging her in crafting tasks accordingly.

The Changes Soon Began....

Soon enough, she began to come to my house once a week with her mother. From the third month, she was totally comfortable being dropped to my place for about an hour and a half. At the completion of 4 months, one day, her mother told me that her English teacher in school had lauded her greatly for a big leap of improvement in her Handwriting and even displayed her worksheet in the classroom for other students to see and get inspired. Her mother says that she has also started to listen to her and has begun to own up to mistakes. She understands now that lesser efforts lead to lower grades in academics.

ADHD or Boredom?                            
Inspire Provoke Engage

Yes, it does sound quite over-simplified now and much like a fairy-tale. But I want to tell you something very important that I heard creativity expert and international advisor on arts education, Sir Ken Robinson say; “Children do not suffer from ADHD. They suffer from childhood.” Sir Ken Robinson further adds that hours and hours of boring, clerical work will obviously make any child anxious, fidgety and bring about a negative change in their behaviour. He has always stressed that if equal importance is not given to the arts, humanities and physical education along with the school curriculum, we will not be able to touch certain parts of a child’s emotions and talents that would help him/her blossom into his full potential.

I am pretty excited to see this bridge that has been created between the non-curricular front and the academic front . I am currently planning my Level-2 module for her that I will start in August.

Do let me know if you have questions and thoughts.
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Have a very good Sunday!

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