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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Recycled Choker From Absolute Junk!

Life is all about picking up the pieces everyday, from yesterday, and beginning anew.
From bulky, heavy vehicles to elegant, pretty evenings - this creation of mine elicits many stories and images of myriad colours in my mind.

Upcycled Choker
Choker (right) made from old, defunct gaskets of a Tata Truck

 I was walking along a park that day, taking a break from my routine daily work, and savoured and soaked the tranquil ambience there. However, despite the tranquility, the air inside that park was aplomb with the excitement of the upcoming festivities in Bengal. It seemed as if, the air would burst anytime with mirth and gaiety and herald another beautiful season of the Kolkata autumn.

I made this choker with some scrap gaskets of a Tata Truck. The truck, of course, is up and running now; the gasket has been replaced and these old ones were lying defunct, neglected and forgotten. I decided to pick up these pieces and turn them into something of value.

Sometimes, it just takes one small conviction to turn around our destiny. I hope this choker, that came to life from nothingness, finds its rightful owner soon.

Have a good night, all!

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