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Thursday, 14 August 2014

If Enough is Enough, What Are We Doing About It ?

I noticed this touching piece of message and art that one of my favourite film-makers and personalites, Nadine Labaki, posted on her Facebook page. It was shared by my friend on her wall. I promptly read it and could not help sharing it on my wall. With all the heart-breaking tales of war going on all over the world, this post addresses the core issue that humanity is dealing with today.

Here's the Facebook link.

Nadine Labaki's depiction, art & Facebook Post
Art by Nadine Labaki

Yesterday was Independence Day celebrations at my son's school and as per the instructions of the school, I sent him in ethnic wear. His smile says all about the pleasure and joy of being able to wear such nice clothes occasionally. He is still too young to realize that millions of children his age and younger to him all over the world do not even have their basic necessities fulfilled everyday. The ones who survive, grow with the baggage. Others leave...
Once again, I offered my gratitude to the universe in the morning for being one of the most privileged people living on earth.
Ethnic-wear on Independence Day
Ready for school in ethnic-wear for Independence Day celebrations

 I thanked the universe for being blessed with the privilege of sending my son to a good school.

 I offered my gratitude for living in a land where I can pull-up my sanity every moment and take care of his emotional and material needs and fulfill much more than the basic ones that are required for his well-being.

 I offered my gratitude for being able to give him a good night's sleep everyday as I do not live in a war-torn land where the only music playing around is the sound of bombing and shelling and wailing.

Sometimes, we take the littlest of things for granted, without even realizing that these are the very things that constitute the solid foundation of our lives....

Happy Independence Day to all...
May independence pervade every realm of our lives and make us strong and fearless individuals, so we can let the Buddha in us win over the man within, everyday.....every moment.....