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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hand Crafted, Up-cycled Gifts

I have been silent over the weekend, yes; I was busy preparing for my exhibition which is coming up at The Park Hotel, Kolkata on the 29th and 30th. Its called the High Street Market via Moda and is curated by my friend Lopamudra.
This is my second project with alcohol bottles. I had written a hub for the first one and here's the link:

How to Make Lamps From Alcohol Bottles

Hand crafted Bottle Vases by jayaonline
Hand Crafted Alcohol Bottle Vases by jayaonline

I am happy with my creations this time and my facebook posts are getting a lot of good response! Here is a link to my blog regarding these bottles and some more pictures:

DIY Up-cycled Flower and Decorative Vases

Here's keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a safe sailing through a super busy upcoming weekend. I will be conducting an event on the 29th (which marks my absence on the first day of the exhibition). I will however, have a pretty and smart girl manning my stall there. I will be present all through on the 30th and immediately the next day, there's another event in the outskirts of Kolkata!