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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Greeting Cards - Hand-made and Crafted with Love

I ended up making some Greeting Cards after almost 20 years this weekend! I used  hand-made paper, paper quilling, burlap and recycled fabric from home and made these which I am going to display at the High Street Market via Moda lifestyle exhibition at The Park Hotel on the 29th and 30th of Aug in Kolkata. I also kept one aside for my best friend who triggered this creative project of mine and I am really thankful to him for this, apart from the many things that I am thankful for to him forever!

Greeting-card hand-made

Recycled Fabric hand-made Greeting Card
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It is Friendship Day today and all of us must have been busy all day, wishing each other on Watsapp, BBM, Facebook and all other forms of social media. However, I decided to take a u-turn this time with Friendship Day wishes and send my good wishes on this special day a bit differently.

Hand-made by Jaya

Last Monday, after I reached work, I was pleasantly surprised with a greeting card that I received from a dear and special childhood friend of mine. He picked it up during his travels and sent this card to me with a small, hand-written note. My friend prefers writing small notes rather than long letters! The card was hand-crafted and lovely. But more than the visual appeal and my bias for hand-crafted things, it drifted me away to my childhood memories when, a five-rupee card ( now USD  .082) would mean the most special birthday gift. It took me through memories of a wintry evening in the rolling, lush hills in Kohima, where Christmas Cards would be arranged like bunting and hung across the adorned pine X-Mas Tree in the living room as Christmas Carols played everywhere in the background, children formed Carol Groups and sang a song for everyone and adults would be busy arranging Christmas parties, get-together and yummy Santa-Claus shaped cakes for us. For a moment, the vivid memories almost felt as real as the feel of the hand-made card in my fingers.

Hand-crafted by Jaya

Till the time we all embraced the internet and the social media with a whole-hearted zeal, most teenagers in my generation as well as the generations that followed ahead were encouraged to make a card at home and present it to their kith and kiln for birthdays, New Year, Bijaya Dashami, Diwali and many such occasions throughout the year. I was told by my mother that a hand-made card always meant much more as a token of love than one bought from the store, as it carries the signature, the stamp and is laden with the hormone of love with it. I felt the true joy of receiving a hand-made card last Monday, after a long, long time! And in today's day and age of Facebook and Watsapp, all it meant that I am someone special!

Recycled fabric greeting card by Jaya

Keep yourselves updated on my Facebook Page for an exciting plan I am brewing along with these hand-made cards :) . I will love it if you also become apart of this hand-crafted cards in some way or the other! Many good wishes and lots of love on Friendship Day. Keep the bond strong!

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