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Saturday, 9 August 2014

DIY Mixed Media Wall Art

Hello everyone!
I have just begun to enjoy my super-fruitful weekend! I have accomplished more than I could imagine this time and there's still one more day to go! I saw some creation on the net with doily paper and got really excited about it. My dear friend and musician Debaditya, who owns a chain of many restaurants, came to my rescue immediately! I am very thankful to you Debaditya and I promise I will make up for my last treat to you which you owe me, including this one with lots of food and conversations soon!
mixed-media wall art DIY
Mixed Media Wall Art on Canvas

On Friday night, I pulled out an old canvas that was lying in a corner of one of my drawers and decided to complete and revamp it. I was mainly unhappy with the incomplete art-work I had done on it many months ago and decided to try mixed media on it. This is what came up from scrap papers, doily paper, recycled fabric, newspapers and paper quilling!

There's an exhibition of mine coming up at The Park Hotel on the 29th and 30th of August - the High Street via Moda, organized by my friend Lopamudra Mondal Saha. I am really excited that I will be showcasing many recycled, home-decor items this time. Will give you a sneak preview of the items very soon!
Have a great Sunday!

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