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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Beautiful Craft Tortoise Created By My Toddler

It is amazing how kids relate to things and get deeper into them in their hunger for accomplishment!
I was amazed to see how neatly my son made this craft tortoise last week from a sal-leaf bowl. The Latin name of Sal Leaf is Shorea Robusta. This tree is native to the Indian sub-continent and is revered in the Hindu tradition as a tree that is favoured by Lord Vishnu. The wood from Sal tree is used to make homes.

Sal-leaf Tortoise Craft
Sal-leaf  Tortoise Craft

Sal-leaf plates and bowls are plenty everywhere in my city - they are served especially by the Phuchka (pani-puri) vendors in every street corner. However, I am sure very few have thought of using them for making these cute little crafts. They are so plaintive and available everywhere that it is hard to imagine something like this with them.

Sal-leaf plates and bowls
Sal-leaf plates and bowls

All you need to create them is

  • ice-cream sticks
  • a strong glue
  • acrylic colours or marker pen
Craft Tortoises made from Sal-leaf bowls
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I am not describing the process this time as the image, I believe, is pretty self explanatory.
My son really enjoyed making this and I hope you will try this out with your toddler too.

For my readers who do not live in India, you can try the same thing out with paper, foam or thermocol bowls. Here is a neat one I pinned from on Pinterest. I am sharing this here for all of you to see. I love the wiggly eyes that have been used and the studs and nice paint too. It has made the whole thing so neat and colourful!

This is the first sal-leaf craft I am displaying on my blog. There are many more which I plan to make in the next few weeks which are not particularly toddler-craft, but I will definitely want my son to give these a try once he is a little older.

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy making these with your kid!