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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day - How to Spend it if You Are Single

Winter's over in Kolkata and it is spring-time already. The cool breeze that bathes me every morning I return from the bus stop after putting my little son on his school bus, makes me crib about this weather! Wish this golden sunlight and cool breeze really lasted in Kolkata throughout the year!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am single. But believe me, I am at peace, happy and stable. It is nice to have someone who could care for for you and on whom you can shower your love and attention. But if there doesn't exist one such person in your life, I swear on my life, it really is OK! I read something funny on  a Facebook Post yesterday which said, "Its ok if you do not have a Valentine on Valentine's Day. On World AIDS Day, everybody is not expected to have AIDS." Sounds cynical too but I chose to laugh at it!

Each day is a gift in our life. Every day is like a blank canvas which we have the power to convert into a colourful picture with our will power, determination and sincerity towards the sanctity of life. It is important to value life. Be happy and spread happiness - only then will happiness come back to you!

I will be working tomorrow and Saturday is going to be a busy day full of activities. But I have decided to do the following things to make the day special for myself!
Chicken Baked

1. Cook : Bake a Chicken with Rosemary, Garlic and Olive Oil for dinner and enjoy it with a glass of wine.
Penne Pasta in Tomato and Basil Sauce

2. Cook for my loved one: Make a lovely Pasta for my little son.
Small Gift

3. Make Someone Happy With a Gift: Buy a gift for my son who is my life support and for my neighbour and friend Shilpi who is always such a huge help to me anytime. I want to express my gratitude through this small token of a gift. You too can decide who means the most to you amongst your friends and buy him/her a gift.
Take a Walk

4. Take a Walk: Take a walk in the cool breeze in the evening. Spring is here!
Read a Book

5. Read a Book: Take a warm water bottle and curl up under my cotton quilt at night by the romantic night-stand and start reading another Paolo Coelho and learn another life lesson!
Pazyryk Tatoo Necklace by

6. Make New and Exciting Plans: I am shaping up my website into a complete buying hub for my customers now and am making new plans about which I am very excited. Here is a picture of one hand-painted Tribal Body Art necklace that I had made a couple of years ago inspired from the Pazyryk Mummy Tatoo. I will post more about the tatoo later. If you want to see more of my designs on Tribal Body Art, please visit the following link:

 JayaOnline Tribal Body Art

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and be happy!