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Monday, 13 January 2014

How to make cleansers at home for a glowing, healthy skin!

There are days when I sit back and imagine a life without my mother - it just seems impossible! She has reached an age now when she needs our support in every way. Ma had a thing for natural remedies to every skin and hair problem. She diligently took care of the huge garden full of herbs like Aloe Vera, Bhringaraj, Holy Basil etc. at our backyard. Every other morning, especially during winters, she ran to me like an excited little child to show me a new herb or thing that had cropped up in her garden and of course, the many wonders that the herb can do to cure a thing or two!

My mother has radiant skin and if I recollect my memory from my childhood of about 5 or 6 years of age, I remember having never seen a single break-out or even a faint spot on her skin. Quite contrarily, I have somehow not inherited her good skin. I am nearing the first phase of my mid-life and till today, I can undoubtedly declare myself as as acne and pimple prone as a teenager! Distance from my mother and a hectic lifestyle has made natural skin-care an occasional feature of my life now. But as I write this article, I resolve that this year, I am going to get back to my mothers's exciting list of natural skin and hair-care recipes and share a lot with my readers too!

There are some wonderful and easy skin-care recipes that Ma often discussed with me when I was with her. Home-made remedies have a big advantage over products that are available in the market - they are easy to make and have the natural goodness that have a long-term effect on the skin. All these recipes are easily available in everybody's kitchen and can be mixed into a concoction in a jiffy. They are not messy and involve less of a hassle. They are also not as messy and do not stain your clothes, towels or kitchen counter-tops!

I am sure you will benefit from these. I have chosen an image from Free Google Images for this article to inspire you for the day. Happy reading!