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Friday, 24 January 2014

Indian Garlic Chicken Curry Suitable for Kids!

Of all the things I love to cook, chicken is my favourite. It is one of the most versatile meats and can blend in with all kinds and genres of spices. I, in particular, like boneless chicken as, the bone marrow enhances the taste and nutritional value of the chicken curry.
Recently, I experimented and came up with this chicken recipe at home that can be said to be a derivative of the Chinese Chicken-in-hot-garlic-sauce. I was tempted to give this a try and give it an Indian twist and the results were wonderful! It is mildly spiced and if you want to serve this to kids, you may choose not to put ground black-peppercorn as suggested in the recipe. Its tasty and the marination involves ingredients and a process which will break down the flesh and make the chicken very soft and succulent and easy for toddlers to chew and enjoy. I will recommend this recipe for fussy toddlers especially because it will stimulate their palate and digestive secretions and will make a good and memorable meal.

My toddler, off late has started to eat chicken. He is a very difficult eater and always makes my life difficult whenever it comes to food. To my partial relief, he has been doing fairly well ever since he has started to go to this Day Care Centre that is located just across the street near my flat. Peer pressure has made him develop good skills of eating solid food, although, he keeps insisting at home that I should feed him.
Last week at a picnic, he munched away at some chicken nuggets which made me happy and inspired me to come up with this recipe.
Apart from the yum-factor, it is also a great source of nutrition during this part of the year as the Garlic really helps arrest tendencies of a running nose, cold, cough and increases their immunity.
I hope you will try out this recipe and enjoy it too!