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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sparkling, Solid Connection....are diamonds forever?

Diamonds rings have always had a strong association with the social ceremony of marriage. I have always wondered why they have such a strong association with marriage in particular and not any other social ceremony.
Personally, I have always been a junk jewelry person and have never wandered into this shiny, crystalline world that so passionately encapsulates the biggest metaphor of "love" and that of "a woman's best friend". 
My article regarding the reason and history of diamonds being regarded as the foundation stone of marriage can be read in this post.

It requires a master craftsman to produce the best cut diamond. Hours of diligent carving, bit by bit, with a patience that surpasses the passion of the calm before the storm, is what shapes up into these rock-solid reservoirs of beauty and worth that we all are so much in awe of.
One of my posts will be of a diamond-craftsman - after the day I meet him, and spend a day with him....
For now, he is a man I only imagine and have in my mind....
The image credit in this post goes to Google Images.