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Monday, 2 December 2013

Panos Karan plays music to disadvantaged people all over the world to put a smile on their faces....

Some people in this world are fortunate enough to experience incidents that capsize their souls from within. For a beginner, it is a very disturbing experience. But as one grows to getting used to the almost volcanic eruptions within, one unknowingly begins to grow and expand as a human being. Pain is necessary in life, especially when you begin to realize how much they help you grow as a human being and reach out to others and help them.

I realize this more and more everyday. Most recently, I came to know another facet of my friend Panos Karan, who is a very renowned Concert Pianist from the Royal Academy of Music, London and has a concert career spanning all the continents of the world.

The sheen and glamour of the closed-door concert auditoriums pushed him against the wall at a very young age and put him face-to-face with the biggest question of his life - "How am I justifying the life-changing powers of Music as a Musician?"

Panos went through cataclysmic feelings and life experiences in this quest to attain the composure that he has today at only 31 years of age - perhaps a state of life that very few people can attain. He leaves his "touch" with his music and persona everywhere he takes his music.
His quest for his question led him to begin his voluntary organization called "Keys of Change" in which, he has discovered the joy of playing his music free for disadvantaged communities like the elderly abandoned people, slum dwellers, children of sex-workers, patients with fatal diseases etc. all over the world.

A small description to his life-changing and revolutionizing activities is also available in the following link of another blog that I write...
Click here to read the blog.

This time, while leaving my city, Kolkata, he has left behind a part of himself with
Panos Karan playing for Cancer patients in Kolkata, India
Panos Karan at the children's ward in Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital, Kolkata, India
all of us who have known him so briefly and yet deeply. May true blessings be always with him....